Equine  & Canine Pet Products

Shampoo Bars

after sun for paws
Soothing and cooling gel hydrating properties which are perfect for helping hot pads after a Summer Walk

Just massage a little into the pads


Nose Balm
for dry chapped and cracked noses
this product is unscented to avoid overwhelming their olfactory system

15 grams. £3.00 

Calm Balm
calming & relaxing for horses and dogs often used to calm help relax to lessen anxiety stress, fear and trauma
Rub into your hand and allow
your Horse or Dog gently inhale or allow them to smell  from the tin 
not for direct use!
15 grams - £3.00

Post Wash Conditioning Spray

Healthy coat shine spray 
using a conditioning grooming spray after washing will help to discharge the static electricity helping to produce a smoother shinier coat

100ml. - £8.50

Anxiety Spray
Calming & Relaxing
Another way to settle your horse or dog when feeling anxious is with a spray rather than the balm.
This can be sprayed onto fabric, blankets etc.

100ml £8.00


Softening & Soothing

Horses can become irritated or sore around the mouth from rubbing or friction from the inflexible metal bit 
Our Bit Balm can help soothe, soften and moisturise
this product is unscented as it is in close proximity to the nose and the olfactory system

50 grams - £6.95