Welcome to Little Lanterns,

Located in  South Oxfordshire in the small village of

East Challow nr. Wantage.

About me


My passion is people and helping others. 

For over 23 years i was a holistic therapist and

tutor for about 15 years.


Due to covid-19 and the lockdown my business took a turn, and not for the better.

but it gave me time to contemplate the future and how to find a way forward.


With my spiritual beliefs, i was guided to looking for new ways to keep me occupied as my mind needs to be busy.

Candles and wax melts were pointed in my direction!



In June 2020 Little Lanterns was born!

With my northern roots and the mining lamp i found the name for my business, it truly was my


“Finding the Light in the Dark”



I have to give my gratitude to my Son & Daughter for their continual love and support, without them I would be lost!


What a journey which is still evolving, but I have found another way to help people through the calmness of my candles and the wonderful fragrances you are able to enjoy.


But the journey continues with my beautiful Hand Made Cold Processed Soaps.

Each Soap is made in small batches – all of which are made with love and care.


 I use all natural ingredients and pure essential oil.

 my soaps have all been assessed by a Cosmetic Safety Assessor in line with Government regulations.


We have kept to a rustic and natural look, our packaging can be recycled doing our

Bit for a cleaner world.


Our products are not tested on Animal.


I hope you enjoy reading my website and enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them all especially for you!


With love

Gill x



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