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Finding the Light in the Dark

Hello... Little Lanterns friend and follows, so a blog! hummm never done one before so please excuse this very first one, but I hope you find it interesting!

As most of you know Little Lanterns was born from Covid in 2020, we all were having a dreadful time and many of us, didn't know which way things were going, let along how we were going to get through a very difficult time!

Lots of new business were found in the lock down and sadly some ended, but I truly believe that sometimes our hands are forced to make changes, and changes we did make, like it or loath it!

So, today sat in my little workshop, I've been thinking all of this through whilst being pushed again to create two new candles, oh yes my guides and angels never let me sit still for long (my spiritual roots) after working as a Holistic Therapist for 27 years, that side of me still wants to find the light and help other, so now and again I get a poke in the back and they push me forward and I start creating.

As some of you know I now have had the most wonderful opportunity to have a little Shop in Wantage, it's a delight and the energy in the shop is amazing, well I did have a lovely friend who came to do a little ceremony on the first day of opening, you could almost feel the stagnant energy leaving through the front door, it was incredible, so much so, I find it the most calming space to be in and of course the delightful scents just add to the atmosphere just perfectly.

In my space, I have set up a therapy couch to give Angelic Reiki, I only open my diary to one day a week so far I'm getting booked up, some old clients who have been with me many years, and I'm delighted to say some new ones too! How does it get any better than this.....???

Well, that's a very short blog, but the first of many I hope, in the meantime, remember to pop in just to say hello and indulge yourself in the calmness of my space, your always welcome, and I always love a chat.

Take care friends and follows, until the next time

with love as always

Gill x

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